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who has given birth to a child, is simply too sexy. Netizen: earned it

The initial impression of Liu Shishi is pure. At least her personality, looks, and gestures in front of the screen look very comfortable. Basically similar to Liu Yifei's positioning, but she did not expect that she became so sexy after giving birth to a child, and her generous figure is also impressive.


For a star like Liu Shishi who has been in the industry very early, she will transform under certain circumstances, which is also an important measure in the industry to ensure the freshness of the star and maintain the fans. I know that Liu Shishi will definitely not grow old in an image, but I didn't expect that the first change will be so fierce. For Liu Shishi’s face, I don’t need to say that everyone agrees. He has no dead ends at 360 degrees, closed his eyes, immersed in the joy of sunbathing, and can’t help himself. The red lips are especially stealing.


The 45° shooting angle behind is very terrible for the average person. Even if the facial features are three-dimensional but the face is not good-looking, it is all-match, but it is really amazing to see Liu Shishi's perfect digestion. To be honest, Liu Shishi’s face is not considered advanced in the entertainment industry. The soft shoulder lines will make her lack of three-dimensionality. I did not expect her to be so dazzling at this angle. Forehead, cheekbones, bridge of nose, middle and jaw lines are just right. At the best level, the beauty is unexpected.


Liu Shishi chose the beach and seascape as the back view for this blockbuster. The lens was fixed to the bust as much as possible, and the landscape of water and sky became a natural background board. No matter how good a colorist is, it is impossible to surpass nature. Wearing a red dress, she has a very visual impact, but with a refreshing and clean background, she chose a pure red color that is extremely thick and pure, revealing sexy in purity.


The arms are slightly raised to cover half of the face, just to see the details of this red dress. For fashion, I first chose the V-shaped collar. The collar hem fabric is designed with satin. Compared with the body, it has a darker color. The slightly reflective fabric increases its presence. In addition, it is a white and translucent color for Liu Shishi. Baby muscles are of great help.


Since it is a promotional photo when participating in the event, the style must be the latest, whether it is a big name or a high-definition popular element, you must use it. In addition to the V-shaped collar of the permanent show line, there are also shoulder pads and lantern sleeves that have been particularly popular recently. The loose three-point length is simple and beautiful, which can hide the flesh and increase the vitality. As the camera zooms out, we can see that the body is tight-fitting. A satin silk ribbon acts as an outer belt, and the bow is tied in the middle to make people look forward to it like a gift.


Two-thirds of the whole body is in the mirror, and the whole picture of the positive red dress can basically be outlined in my mind. For the first appearance of the skirt, we can see that it is designed with a large loose skirt. The length of the front half of the skirt just covers the thighs and exposes the knees. Even the mopping version can bring enough lightness and breathability. The flat skirt is designed with a wooden ear skirt, which is full of femininity.


I finally waited for the whole body to be in the mirror, the back shot is really amazing, it is simply the movie heroine built with a lot of money, so beautiful. Because the predecessor adopts a short design, the mopping skirt can maximize the elegant posture. Without the comfort of its predecessor, it opens up to a greater degree, more advanced and more fairy-like. The mopping skirt still uses a fungus lace design, which is different from the small and exquisite in the first half of life. As the skirt area increases, its width and length also increase, so that it does not look like you are stingy.