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white T-shirt and plaid skirt instantly transforms into a student girl, with a youthful temperament

Wu Xin recently issued a long article, responding to some of her controversies with eight points, and lamented her feelings along the way, and officially bid farewell to the stage of "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves".

With the first episode of the program, Wu Xin not only became more and more confident, but his stage performance was also getting better and better, and he really completed his transformation. At the age of 37, she has unlocked many skills in the show. Although there are still regrets in the ending, as an audience, her growth along the way has made many of us see her efforts.


Participating in Ride the Wave, Wu Xin's talent and clothing are quietly top-notch. Especially in terms of dressing and matching, there is more and more the unique temperament and charm of fashionable women, and each set of looks makes people shine.

Recently, Wu Xin appeared at the airport in this look, dressed up to be super age-reducing, and her girl group temperament has become more prominent.


Wu Xin's white T-shirt and plaid skirt match, daily and grounded, it is the correct way to open the airport. Of course, the retro and playful plaid skirt, matched with the simple white T, looks full of college style, giving people the feeling of a student girl, and the temperament is still younger.

To be more careful, Wu Xin used the black belt to increase the uniqueness of the shape, and the simple collocation was recessed out of the full sense of fashion. Moreover, the embellishment of the belt also has the magic power to attract eyes. That graceful and charming figure looks elegant and eye-catching.


With the combination of accessories, Wu Xin's outfit makes the whole look youthful and beautiful without losing his fashion taste.

For example, black belts and leather boots, tough elements increase the aura of the shape. The seemingly simple white T and the polka-dot edging design on the cuffs also has its own fashion charm. Especially for Wu Xin's shoulder bag, he chose polka-dot elements to perfect the integrity of the shape, and its exquisiteness and fashion sense instantly improved several grades.


With the same plaid skirt, Wu Xin chose a more skilled girl group style for her dress. The key to the matching of the women's group is to show off the figure, showing the hot figure by showing the waist and legs, and it can be more exciting when dancing. And Wu Xin's choice of plaid skirt + short jacket this time shows her figure and chic.


Because most of the girl groups in groups are at their youthful age, the girl group styles have not forgotten to show their age advantage. Wu Xin's combination of campus socks and Martin boots has reduced his vitality again. Coupled with twist braids + peaked caps add a playful and cute feeling, and a youthful and girly feel is coming.


Wu Xin's ability to control the women's group winds handily must have been trained through "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves". The look for participating in a program like Sister Lang is really beautiful.

First of all, I will bring you Wu Xin's latest performance style. The golden embroidered denim suit is simple and lively but also reveals a bit of nobleness, which looks very dazzling.


The denim suit Wu Xin chose this time has a really strong sense of design. The denim short sleeves with exposed waist, because of the tube top + shirt collar design at the neckline, forming a triangular exposed area, which looks unique and shows She has a sexy and attractive body.

For the lower body, Wu Xin chose black elastic socks with denim shorts to show his figure without losing his aura. The slightly curled bangs with golden headbands not only have the temperament and charm of a delicate little public gesture, but also echo the color matching of the clothing. The whole shape gives people the feeling of rigidity and softness, indescribable fashion.


Wu Xin's appearance in the resurrection match is even better. This time she still chose a waistless suit, but the shape presented was very elegant regardless of the fabric or color. And because of the style of the clothing, the waist becomes thinner with a loose and tight background, I don't know how many girls are getting lemons.


This time, Wu Xin really confirmed in "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves" that she can do everything! Not only is the stage expressive, but also various styles of looks can be perfectly controlled. This time a light blue sleeved suit looks elegant and fashionable. And slightly feminine makeup and hair accessories, because the embellishment of small accessories is not only not mature, but also gives people a young and fashionable feeling.


Wu Xin, who was once known as a fashion disaster, is more and more able to wear it like this. The interpretation of clothing, already has the ability to compete with professional models, sure enough, confident women are the most beautiful!