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white T-shirt and plaid skirt instantly transforms into a student girl, with a youthful temperament

Wu Xin recently issued a long article, responding to some of her controversies with eight points, and lamented her feelings along the way, and officially bid farewell to the stage of "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves".

With the first episode of the program, Wu Xin not only became more and more confident, but his stage performance was also getting better and better, and he really completed his transformation. At the age of 37, she has unlocked many skills in the show. Although there are still regrets in the ending, as an audience, her growth along the way has made many of us see her efforts.


Participating in Ride the Wave, Wu Xin's talent and clothing are quietly top-notch. Especially in terms of dressing and matching, there is more and more the unique temperament and charm of fashionable women, and each set of looks makes people shine.

Recently, Wu Xin appeared at the airport in this look, dressed up to be super age-reducing, and her girl group temperament has become more prominent.


Wu Xin's white T-shirt and plaid skirt match, daily and grounded, it is the correct way to open the airport. Of course, the retro and playful plaid skirt, matched with the simple white T, looks full of college style, giving people the feeling of a student girl, and the temperament is still younger.

To be more careful, Wu Xin used the black belt to increase the uniqueness of the shape, and the simple collocation was recessed out of the full sense of fashion. Moreover, the embellishment of the belt also has the magic power to attract eyes. That graceful and charming figure looks elegant and eye-catching.


With the combination of accessories, Wu Xin's outfit makes the whole look youthful and beautiful without losing his fashion taste.

For example, black belts and leather boots, tough elements increase the aura of the shape. The seemingly simple white T and the polka-dot edging design on the cuffs also has its own fashion charm. Especially for Wu Xin's shoulder bag, he chose polka-dot elements to perfect the integrity of the shape, and its exquisiteness and fashion sense instantly improved several grades.


With the same plaid skirt, Wu Xin chose a more skilled girl group style for her dress. The key to the matching of the women's group is to show off the figure, showing the hot figure by showing the waist and legs, and it can be more exciting when dancing. And Wu Xin's choice of plaid skirt + short jacket this time shows her figure and chic.


Because most of the girl groups in groups are at their youthful age, the girl group styles have not forgotten to show their age advantage. Wu Xin's combination of campus socks and Martin boots has reduced his vitality again. Coupled with twist braids + peaked caps add a playful and cute feeling, and a youthful and girly feel is coming.


Wu Xin's ability to control the women's group winds handily must have been trained through "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves". The look for participating in a program like Sister Lang is really beautiful.

First of all, I will bring you Wu Xin's latest performance style. The golden embroidered denim suit is simple and lively but also reveals a bit of nobleness, which looks very dazzling.


The denim suit Wu Xin chose this time has a really strong sense of design. The denim short sleeves with exposed waist, because of the tube top + shirt collar design at the neckline, forming a triangular exposed area, which looks unique and shows She has a sexy and attractive body.

For the lower body, Wu Xin chose black elastic socks with denim shorts to show his figure without losing his aura. The slightly curled bangs with golden headbands not only have the temperament and charm of a delicate little public gesture, but also echo the color matching of the clothing. The whole shape gives people the feeling of rigidity and softness, indescribable fashion.


Wu Xin's appearance in the resurrection match is even better. This time she still chose a waistless suit, but the shape presented was very elegant regardless of the fabric or color. And because of the style of the clothing, the waist becomes thinner with a loose and tight background, I don't know how many girls are getting lemons.


This time, Wu Xin really confirmed in "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves" that she can do everything! Not only is the stage expressive, but also various styles of looks can be perfectly controlled. This time a light blue sleeved suit looks elegant and fashionable. And slightly feminine makeup and hair accessories, because the embellishment of small accessories is not only not mature, but also gives people a young and fashionable feeling.


Wu Xin, who was once known as a fashion disaster, is more and more able to wear it like this. The interpretation of clothing, already has the ability to compete with professional models, sure enough, confident women are the most beautiful!

Unstoppable beauty, long legs are even more eye-catching

Tang Yan was born in the beautiful Huangpu District of Shanghai, with superior family conditions and good enough herself, so the road to acting is very smooth.

In 2001, he participated in the beauty contest and won the championship. In 2004, Zhang Yimou was selected as one of the "Olympic Babies". He graduated from the Acting Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2006, and gained attention in 2009 with the ancient costume fairy tale "Legend of Sword and Fairy III" and became popular. Just look at how good Tang Yan is.


Recently, Tang Yan's studio released a set of photos of Tang Yan participating in a jewelry event. I saw Tang Yan wearing a crown on her head, a dress with a beaded flower design, and a miniskirt designed with a waist to show her perfect figure. The protein on his face can't be seen in her thirties, she is still so young.


Tang Yan's dress comes from Richard Quinn's 2020 spring and summer series. Tang Yan is not inferior to the model when worn.

Tang Yan, who is 172cm tall, is really not afraid to compare with the model. With her superior height and the blessing of her temperament and appearance, she will not be inferior to the model. Even live pictures are particularly good at playing. The two straight long legs are almost like chopsticks, slim and straight.


Tang Yan, born on December 6, 1983, is already 37 years old, and she and Luo Jin have bred the crystallization of happiness. But looking at her current state, she really can't tell her age at all. It's really not an exaggeration to say that she is in her twenties, and the no-student picture makes her skin breakable, without any flaws.


In fact, as long as you want to have slender legs, you can work hard to lose weight, but straight legs are natural.

In fact, tall girls are more likely to expose leg defects, and slender and straight legs like Tang Yan are really rare. With Tang Yan's appearance and beauty, she must look good in everything she wears, and it is impossible to be an ordinary person anywhere, because they are good enough. With a pair of high heels, you can have a sense of sight of 1.8 meters.


It is really reasonable to say that it is really reasonable to be popular, especially looking for younger and more vague stars. Once they become popular, there will be more excellent professionals planning for them, and they will become more self-confident. The outside exudes light, it seems more charming and temperament.

And because of the work of the star, the external image requirements are also stricter, so even if it is pregnant and giving birth, it will not relax, even more stringent, so after giving birth, it is still fashionable and even more beautiful.


In fact, sometimes just looking at the personal photos of the celebrities will only feel very good-looking, and the figure is also very good, but I don't know what is good. However, not only will the pictures not be edited, but they will also be accompanied by the staff, so there is also a comparison.


After comparison, you will find that the body and appearance are really not good, and it is no wonder that the baby who sees a real person can't bear it. Especially the tall female celebrities like Tang Yan, who walked in the bodyguards and security guards who were not inferior in body height, also formed a sharp contrast with the staff next to them. Is this leg real?


Tang Yan didn't seem to have gained weight since she debuted. She must be the kind of girl who can't eat fat. She is too envious. I don't have a deep understanding of Tang Yan, not a fan, but a girl like this is really rare in the world, and it's no wonder that the road to acting is particularly smooth.

Now that Tang Yan has given birth to a baby, she has been promoted from princess to queen, and she has a taste of a mature woman. She also hopes that the next script will be changed, and she hopes to give us more surprises.


Tang Yan's facial features are very delicate when taken apart, and they are completely flawless. Especially the face is really petite, the so-called slap face must be said.

The tall, tall head and face are still so petite, so I think Tang Yan may not only have nine heads, but may be even more stunning, so there is a clear gap between many stars in the show business standing next to Tang Yan.


Want to see how good a star is? I know the reactions of the raw pictures or the real passers-by. No one around me who has seen real people is boasting, and I will understand if I have seen them.

neat and generous autumn and winter mix!

Australian fashion blogger Petra is a girl who has been particularly fond of beauty since she was a child. After she grew up, she engaged in her favorite profession, a fashion blogger.

Petra is stylish and neat, especially like the three-dimensional tailoring suit design, using the ultimate simple design, with high fashion. And this solution is very suitable for autumn and winter wear in my country, which can solve the problem of fashion in the next six months, and fashion matching can be done in one step.


Suit meets belt

Don't underestimate things like belts. Although they are rarely used at home, they can be a finishing touch in some key collocations. For example, if you look at a suit jacket that is loose and has no version, you can use the function of the belt to outline a slender waistline, so that the suit jacket is neat and generous and more individual. With a pair of jeans casually, it is outstanding temperament.


Wide shoulder design

Suits and other items have a relatively three-dimensional version, especially the shoulder lines are straight and tall. This figure is actually very suitable for girls with fat upper body. The design of wide shoulders brings out the slender waist, thus shaping the perfect Body proportions.


metal chain

Do you still think that cool designs such as chains are only suitable for special occasions, but they are not. In some more formal matching styles, you can also add a chain design. For example, suit suits are like this. The addition of metal chains adds a domineering and cool aura and thus changes the fashion trend of the entire collocation, from being serious and low-key to being individual and eye-catching.


In the same color

Some girls can't learn how to match autumn and winter. In fact, there is a super easy way, which is to choose the black interior. The inner wear of the same color, whether it is skirts, pants, or sweaters, is completely fine. There is more room to play outside, choose various colors and various elements, and very thin, this kind of routine can deal with various fashion items.


Looking through the magazine shooting of the last ten years, we can see that the same color system is always the most mainstream and least obsolete, so this routine can continue for a long time. If you learn how to wear the same colors, the matching problem in autumn and winter can be half solved.


The echo of metal materials

Most of the items in the autumn and winter seasons are generous and neatly tailored. Suits and coats are all like this, so there is a more formal feeling in the matching. If you want to wear a casual personality, you need to be careful. The echoing effect of metal materials is a good choice, such as the logo on the messenger bag, and the necklace, bracelet, and ring can be the finishing touch.


"Hyun belly" fashion

It is now in the season of late summer and early autumn, so the fashion of "showing abdomen" can get, using the waistline to outline a moving figure, making the autumn coat also sexy and charming, so it is the choice of fashion personality.


"Hyun belly" looks sexy and has no sense of high class, but it can surprise four people, but it can wear temperament and personality. This is especially true when paired with handsome and cool items, which can highlight personal charm and let small girls have slender legs.


High-end color fashion

Advanced color matching is actually the neutral color we often use in our daily life, or it can be said to be achromatic. They are a very versatile and practical color matching, active in every age. And now it has become the advanced color matching of the 21st century, especially the gray color matching is even more advanced fashion, making the matching look more expensive.


Pointed shoes are fashionable

Although pointed shoes are uncomfortable to wear, if you want to quickly reach the height and thinness, then you can't go wrong in choosing pointed shoes. Compared with the round-toed square-toed design, the structural lines of the pointed-toed shoes can make the whole person look slimmer and taller, so the use effect is powerful, and it becomes fashionable in minutes.


In fact, compared to summer wear, autumn and winter collocation is more suitable to modify the figure, and it is very friendly to girls with poor figures. Especially fat girls can cover the meat in minutes, so as to achieve the effect of being tall and thin.

Emma Roberts with a height of 157, looks tall and fashionable in autumn, you can do it too

Van Emma Roberts is really a model for small girls. Although she is only 157cm tall, the combination of her height and aura makes people completely ignore her height problem. My favorite is Emma Roberts's street look, which is grounded in daily life and can be used as a reference for us.

Today I will share Emma Roberts's autumn daily outfits, which are obviously very common items. Each outfit can bring us different surprises and highlights. For a little girl who wants to be tall and stylish, follow her to learn to match, and you can do it too.


Emma Roberts also has the title of walking jeans grass planter. She can always wear jeans to make people feel unattainable. It's really super powerful.

If you want to wear jeans with a high-profile look, you must choose products and collocations. Emma Roberts chose a pair of ripped jeans this time. The straight-shaped modified leg shape is straight and long, making it easy to wear a personalized and tall look. And when matched, the red and blue cp color has a stylish atmosphere. Of course, V-neck sweater + jeans, the upper body is simple and elegant without losing the French style.


Emma Roberts still chose ripped jeans for this look. It's just that the location of the hole is too clever this time. One is in the middle of the thigh and the other is in the knee. It looks modern and handsome, and it can easily burst into the street.

The color matching is blue and white cp color that cools and relieves the heat, and the upper body is fresh and age-reducing. The dress corner of the jacket emphasizes the high waistline, and the whole shape is naturally tall. The least scheming is that the jeans choose a nine-minute length, with a pair of shallow mouth items to reveal her slender ankles, looking thin and feminine.


In Emma Roberts's street collocation, the appearance rate of jeans is very high. However, she can match her jeans every time, giving her a new look.

Emma Roberts chose the same knit sweater as the first look for her look, but it felt completely different. She paired a white T-shirt in the sweater this time, with only a button on it, showing the waistline without losing the casual style.


After taking off the sweater, Emma Roberts's outfit looks simple and stylish without losing a cool and summery feel. And when the jacket is taken off and worn, you can calmly deal with the weather in late summer and early autumn.

Emma Roberts is small, but she has perfect body proportions, so just the way she wears the jacket corners can help her wear the golden ratio and look up-tempered. What's more, this time she not only used flared trousers to stretch her legs, but also increased her height with the help of high heels, so she can easily wear out the European and American atmosphere.


Emma Roberts chose the way of showing her figure in this match. Slim top + jeans outline her charming curves. The upper body is not only tall and thin, but also has an elegant and light temperament charm.

Of course, when matching, Emma Roberts did not forget to choose a floral shirt with a strong sense of design to attract passers-by to the height of the shape, turning the looking down into a head-up, and increasing the vision by at least five centimeters.


For jeans to look tall, choosing the right shoes is the key. The key to Emma Roberts's high matching skills lies in the word "exposed". Cropped trousers + pumps are the most common way to wear ankle-length pants.

And this time, the nine-point pants + high-heeled short boots reveal the way the entire boots are worn, because the calf is exposed to the air if there is nowhere, and the legs are thin and long, and the tall figure is easy to get.


The early autumn season is very suitable to wear long skirts. Many people think that the skirt is too long to make you feel too long. In fact, as long as the golden ratio is created, it is easy to change the height of the goddess.

Emma Roberts is wearing a rainbow sweater dress with twist braids, showing a sense of youth and beauty. Of course, the slim design of the sweater skirt is lazy and feminine. The single-breasted contrast placket is not only very decorative, but also clarifies her body proportions. The upper body is tall and temperamental.


The white dress that Emma Roberts wore this time just reached the ankle. Although the foot boots were not exposed, they were tall and thin. Except because the skirt is short inside and long outside, the semi-perspective effect makes the legs look slender and beautiful. The self-cultivation and not tight-fitting design also outlines a good figure with bumps, which makes people completely ignore her height.


If you want to say that it is tall and fashionable to wear, how can it be without a pair of legs. Emma Roberts added a short knitted jacket to the classic summer collocation of T-shirt + denim shorts this time. Her beautiful legs are straight and slender, making her 170+ tall. Of course, this way of wearing is more suitable for girls with good-looking legs.

how can it be fashionable and stunning without spending more? These 16 sets teach you how to wear

Many college students are not financially independent, so the wallet does not allow us to buy too much clothes. Many people feel that they have no clothes to wear at the beginning of school. In fact, you can be fashionable and stunning without spending too much money, because the clothes are not many but the matching.

Here are 16 sets of collocations for everyone to plant grass, teach you how to wear common single products with freshness. If you want to save money and be fashionable, you must learn.


In fact, September is not so cold that it makes people wrapped tightly. We can still catch the little tail of summer and enhance the temperament and charm of the model through skin-exposure collocation.

To say that the most popular collocation in summer is undoubtedly the cool collocation of short-sleeved + hot pants, but many people cannot wear this classic collocation to make people shine. One reason is that the single product is too common; the second reason is that the collocation is too common. Wealthy girls, using items with a strong sense of design, can wear very eye-catching looks, such as the matching on the left. And you who only have simple style items, learn the right side matching, use color matching and accessories to enhance the fashion sense of the shape.


Of course, for the skin-exposed collocation in September, I want to wear simple style items very fashionable. We can cleverly use the mix and match of summer items and autumn items to create a unique and chic look.

Today's look for planting grass for everyone chose the bare-leg collocation for the upper body in autumn and the lower body in summer. Girls who are worried about the shape of their legs, the combination of the left half pants and the POLO shirt is not only handsome, but also can basically cover up your body problems. The short skirt + coat on the right can conceal the apple-shaped body fat, the upper body is tall and thin.


Small girls want to wear a tall and thin body, in fact, they can choose to wear a high waist line. The combination of exposed waist, showing long legs and chic, can help us transform into long legs. The thick-waisted sister paper can be folded on top of the exposed waist, and can be easily worn out of the tall goddess regardless of whether it is worn open or the corner of the jacket. For example, the look on the left, the stack of short sleeves + long sleeves, can easily wear out a trendy look and look nice.


The matching of the black trousers that we planted for you today should be available in your wardrobe. This single product is very friendly to girls with thick legs and not straight legs. The daily way of putting trousers into boots not only emphasizes the slenderness of the ankle, but also helps you dent the image of a cool girl.

For the upper body, we can choose a shirt with a waistless waist, or we can tie the shirt to reveal a small waist, and the upper body can be worn with long legs. Of course, layering and matching can move your eyes to the height of the shape, and the upper body is also very tall. Small girls must get it.


Speaking of how to wear it carefully, mix and match, you can dent a simple single product with a novel look without any effort.

For example, this group of looks for everyone today, literary style shirt skirt, mix and match handsome Martin boots, can help you sweet and cool style. Of course, on this basis, we wear small vests, small coats, etc. on the outside, and T-shirts and high-neck bottoming shirts on the inside. It can also help you wear a more fashionable and changeable look. It is very simple not to repeat the same one week.


In addition to layering and mixing, the fall is also popular for wearing the lower body missing. The upper body can help you wear the comic legs and attract your eyes properly. What is planting grass for everyone this year is the combination of sweater + short skirt or shorts, the top and bottom clothes choose the color matching, the upper body is comfortable and the legs are long. The upper pine and the lower are tight, and the temperament is lazy and thin. It is difficult not to catch your eyes.


Sweater is simply a stylish weapon in autumn and winter, whether it is matched with pants or skirts, it can be worn with a sense of personality and fashion. Especially in daily matching, we learn from this set of looks and choose a combination of color + basic color, and the upper body can wear a bright and moving temperament.


The school season in September coincides with the change of seasons, in order to prevent college students from getting dressed in a mess when the school starts. The above lists some of the matching demonstrations that are suitable for the end of summer and early autumn. The upper body is not exaggerated and not a passerby. You are sure to learn this style that everyone praises.

When matching, you only need to use individual and fashionable dressing methods and use the items in your closet. It is easy to have a half-month style without repetition.

dating can also "win with one stroke"! I'm never disappointed when I wear full marks, and I can definitely be outstanding

Immediately in autumn, autumn items are also successively on the major lists, the variety and the huge quantity make people stunned. But if you want to be fashionable and beautiful, you need to plan ahead and quickly master the autumn fashion items. This is especially true for early autumn collocations, so a "one move wins" dressing plan is essential.

So today we will take a look at how to dress in early autumn to be fashionable.


Dress meets choker

Although skirts are only a general term, the styles are very complicated, especially after an extended summer, there will be many skirts in the wardrobe.

Therefore, in early autumn, we can use dress items to match choker necklaces to form a retro and fashionable charm. Let the simple and monotonous become unique, so although it is an early autumn match, it has a summer fashion and easily stands out.


Long sleeve skirt and Mary Jane shoes

There must be nothing better than dresses when going out on a date. It not only solves matching fashion, but also solves matching problems. Because the dress already includes the top and bottom collocation, it is more worry-free when wearing the upper body, and the autumn dress is even more so.

Adding retro elements can be elegant, and the length of the mid-skirt cut is just suitable for autumn wear, warm and can be thin and cover the flesh.


Personalized tailoring hides fashion carefully

The clothing items we usually see are mostly conventional tailoring with some popular elements, but there are also designers who are very powerful. Based on the original tailoring, they have already made changes, so even simple color matching is fine. Wearing fashion, this is the careful machine hidden in the personalized tailoring.

Therefore, whether it is worn in early autumn or during any period, it can give people a bright effect.


The gentleness and elegance of popular purple

People's impression of purple is still in the dark purple of the 70s and 80s. In fact, the light purple is more suitable and has successfully become the popular color this year.

With a bit of macaron, it is sweet and very beautiful. Everyday wear is cute and cute. With Mary Jane shoes, you can have a girlish temperament. Even the faint light purple also has an elegant temperament, so it is more in line with the retro caution, and it can surprise the four if you are not careful.


Be careful when wearing suspender skirts

Summer items can also be worn in autumn and can be more fashionable. Because the suspender skirt can be effective when worn alone in summer and has a cooling effect.

But the early autumn season does not need to cool off the heat, so we can try to use the way of layering to make the sling skirt layered and make the simple style unique. This is one of the reasons why the sling skirt is so popular.


Although there is some coolness in the early autumn, the weather is still relatively warm, so there is no need to wrap the whole body tightly.

Choose the elegant tailoring of the mid-length dress, and the design with long sleeves is gentle and fashionable. It can also protect the parts that are easy to catch cold to deal with the temperature difference between morning and evening.


Pure color or printing

In fact, solid colors and printed items have their own advantages and disadvantages. It cannot be said that which item is fashionable or which item is definitely not fashionable. In fact, both items have very good designs and some bad designs. The main reason is Personal choice and collocation.

But the most important thing is the degree of adaptation to yourself, so if you want to get a more suitable single product, then the best way is to look at the effect on your upper body.


Where the printed design appears

The print can appear on any part, but for girls who are not so good in figure, you need to pay attention to whether the appearance of the print will affect the issue of thinness.

For example, girls with thick arms are definitely not suitable for the first match, but the second match can cover the flesh on the arms and use the print on the skirt to attract attention, thus making the whole match The shape is more elegant and charming, and also looks taller and thinner.


The hazy and faint mesh design is very popular in summer, in fact, it can also be worn in early autumn. Using the hazy texture, you can get full of sexy and fashion in the little tail of summer.

who has given birth to a child, is simply too sexy. Netizen: earned it

The initial impression of Liu Shishi is pure. At least her personality, looks, and gestures in front of the screen look very comfortable. Basically similar to Liu Yifei's positioning, but she did not expect that she became so sexy after giving birth to a child, and her generous figure is also impressive.


For a star like Liu Shishi who has been in the industry very early, she will transform under certain circumstances, which is also an important measure in the industry to ensure the freshness of the star and maintain the fans. I know that Liu Shishi will definitely not grow old in an image, but I didn't expect that the first change will be so fierce. For Liu Shishi’s face, I don’t need to say that everyone agrees. He has no dead ends at 360 degrees, closed his eyes, immersed in the joy of sunbathing, and can’t help himself. The red lips are especially stealing.


The 45° shooting angle behind is very terrible for the average person. Even if the facial features are three-dimensional but the face is not good-looking, it is all-match, but it is really amazing to see Liu Shishi's perfect digestion. To be honest, Liu Shishi’s face is not considered advanced in the entertainment industry. The soft shoulder lines will make her lack of three-dimensionality. I did not expect her to be so dazzling at this angle. Forehead, cheekbones, bridge of nose, middle and jaw lines are just right. At the best level, the beauty is unexpected.


Liu Shishi chose the beach and seascape as the back view for this blockbuster. The lens was fixed to the bust as much as possible, and the landscape of water and sky became a natural background board. No matter how good a colorist is, it is impossible to surpass nature. Wearing a red dress, she has a very visual impact, but with a refreshing and clean background, she chose a pure red color that is extremely thick and pure, revealing sexy in purity.


The arms are slightly raised to cover half of the face, just to see the details of this red dress. For fashion, I first chose the V-shaped collar. The collar hem fabric is designed with satin. Compared with the body, it has a darker color. The slightly reflective fabric increases its presence. In addition, it is a white and translucent color for Liu Shishi. Baby muscles are of great help.


Since it is a promotional photo when participating in the event, the style must be the latest, whether it is a big name or a high-definition popular element, you must use it. In addition to the V-shaped collar of the permanent show line, there are also shoulder pads and lantern sleeves that have been particularly popular recently. The loose three-point length is simple and beautiful, which can hide the flesh and increase the vitality. As the camera zooms out, we can see that the body is tight-fitting. A satin silk ribbon acts as an outer belt, and the bow is tied in the middle to make people look forward to it like a gift.


Two-thirds of the whole body is in the mirror, and the whole picture of the positive red dress can basically be outlined in my mind. For the first appearance of the skirt, we can see that it is designed with a large loose skirt. The length of the front half of the skirt just covers the thighs and exposes the knees. Even the mopping version can bring enough lightness and breathability. The flat skirt is designed with a wooden ear skirt, which is full of femininity.


I finally waited for the whole body to be in the mirror, the back shot is really amazing, it is simply the movie heroine built with a lot of money, so beautiful. Because the predecessor adopts a short design, the mopping skirt can maximize the elegant posture. Without the comfort of its predecessor, it opens up to a greater degree, more advanced and more fairy-like. The mopping skirt still uses a fungus lace design, which is different from the small and exquisite in the first half of life. As the skirt area increases, its width and length also increase, so that it does not look like you are stingy.