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how can it be fashionable and stunning without spending more? These 16 sets teach you how to wear

Many college students are not financially independent, so the wallet does not allow us to buy too much clothes. Many people feel that they have no clothes to wear at the beginning of school. In fact, you can be fashionable and stunning without spending too much money, because the clothes are not many but the matching.

Here are 16 sets of collocations for everyone to plant grass, teach you how to wear common single products with freshness. If you want to save money and be fashionable, you must learn.


In fact, September is not so cold that it makes people wrapped tightly. We can still catch the little tail of summer and enhance the temperament and charm of the model through skin-exposure collocation.

To say that the most popular collocation in summer is undoubtedly the cool collocation of short-sleeved + hot pants, but many people cannot wear this classic collocation to make people shine. One reason is that the single product is too common; the second reason is that the collocation is too common. Wealthy girls, using items with a strong sense of design, can wear very eye-catching looks, such as the matching on the left. And you who only have simple style items, learn the right side matching, use color matching and accessories to enhance the fashion sense of the shape.


Of course, for the skin-exposed collocation in September, I want to wear simple style items very fashionable. We can cleverly use the mix and match of summer items and autumn items to create a unique and chic look.

Today's look for planting grass for everyone chose the bare-leg collocation for the upper body in autumn and the lower body in summer. Girls who are worried about the shape of their legs, the combination of the left half pants and the POLO shirt is not only handsome, but also can basically cover up your body problems. The short skirt + coat on the right can conceal the apple-shaped body fat, the upper body is tall and thin.


Small girls want to wear a tall and thin body, in fact, they can choose to wear a high waist line. The combination of exposed waist, showing long legs and chic, can help us transform into long legs. The thick-waisted sister paper can be folded on top of the exposed waist, and can be easily worn out of the tall goddess regardless of whether it is worn open or the corner of the jacket. For example, the look on the left, the stack of short sleeves + long sleeves, can easily wear out a trendy look and look nice.


The matching of the black trousers that we planted for you today should be available in your wardrobe. This single product is very friendly to girls with thick legs and not straight legs. The daily way of putting trousers into boots not only emphasizes the slenderness of the ankle, but also helps you dent the image of a cool girl.

For the upper body, we can choose a shirt with a waistless waist, or we can tie the shirt to reveal a small waist, and the upper body can be worn with long legs. Of course, layering and matching can move your eyes to the height of the shape, and the upper body is also very tall. Small girls must get it.


Speaking of how to wear it carefully, mix and match, you can dent a simple single product with a novel look without any effort.

For example, this group of looks for everyone today, literary style shirt skirt, mix and match handsome Martin boots, can help you sweet and cool style. Of course, on this basis, we wear small vests, small coats, etc. on the outside, and T-shirts and high-neck bottoming shirts on the inside. It can also help you wear a more fashionable and changeable look. It is very simple not to repeat the same one week.


In addition to layering and mixing, the fall is also popular for wearing the lower body missing. The upper body can help you wear the comic legs and attract your eyes properly. What is planting grass for everyone this year is the combination of sweater + short skirt or shorts, the top and bottom clothes choose the color matching, the upper body is comfortable and the legs are long. The upper pine and the lower are tight, and the temperament is lazy and thin. It is difficult not to catch your eyes.


Sweater is simply a stylish weapon in autumn and winter, whether it is matched with pants or skirts, it can be worn with a sense of personality and fashion. Especially in daily matching, we learn from this set of looks and choose a combination of color + basic color, and the upper body can wear a bright and moving temperament.


The school season in September coincides with the change of seasons, in order to prevent college students from getting dressed in a mess when the school starts. The above lists some of the matching demonstrations that are suitable for the end of summer and early autumn. The upper body is not exaggerated and not a passerby. You are sure to learn this style that everyone praises.

When matching, you only need to use individual and fashionable dressing methods and use the items in your closet. It is easy to have a half-month style without repetition.