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perfect model to wear! Casual and seductive, satisfying early autumn fashion

Although the weather this summer was very strange, it made people tremble when it should be hot, and the little tail suddenly became hot again in summer. But don’t worry that summer will be far away, and autumn will soon come to us.

Although the summer and autumn transitional weather is comfortable and suitable for traveling, it is very relaxing, but the matching of clothes is not to be underestimated. How to match is a very critical issue.


Super short sweater

The matching of spring and autumn seasons is very similar, among which the most eye-catching must be the knitwear, which is very practical. It is not only warm but also cool, so it is suitable for wearing during the transition period between summer and autumn, and it is perfect for the temperature difference between morning and evening.

The short cut knit sweater is one of the highlights. It complements the high-waisted trousers. It outlines the golden ratio of the figure, so it looks thin but also very tall.


The classic all-match of jeans

The most indispensable thing about spring and autumn collocation is jeans. Although not the most popular, they can stay with us for a long time. The denim fabric itself has a certain thickness, so it can protect the small belly during the transition of summer and autumn, so as not to catch cold, it can be said to serve multiple purposes. Jeans have a lot of colors, dark blue and light blue are different styles. In late summer and early autumn, light blue is more inclined to make the matching style more refreshing and age reduction.


Thin can't do without straight-leg pants

There are various popular styles in fashion collocations, which are always dizzying. But in fact, if you want to get the practical effect of slimming, then there is nothing more suitable than straight pants.

Especially the black straight-leg pants, the perfect combination of comfort and thinness index, so no matter what kind of jacket it is matched, it is of outstanding temperament, and it is practical to wear ten pounds in minutes.


The transitional season between summer and autumn is not as cold as late autumn, especially the southern region is still warmer. Therefore, it is not necessary to tightly wrap all the skin, but the flesh can be exposed properly.

Exposing the legs can make you look taller, while exposing the slender arms makes you look slimmer.


A gentle girl needs a lotus leaf

Simple and basic styles are versatile and practical, but the addition of exquisite elements can make the matching style personalized.

The design of the lotus leaf has the attribute of gentle wind, so it can be elegant when wearing the upper body. The light fabric is also suitable for combination with the lotus leaf, which makes the whole person more and more feminine.


Wear out the temperament in the same color system

Many people think that the same color system has no bright spots, but it is not. The inner wear of the same color system looks more slender, as shown in the above picture. The black pants and the halter are relatively monotonous, but the cardigan becomes different. It can be thin and have temperament. .


Little white shoes are versatile and age reduction

There is no doubt that small white shoes are a very versatile and practical item, but in fact, the effect of small white shoes is not only that, it is also very good for age reduction, even if it is a mature item of suit jacket, as long as it is compatible with With small white shoes, you can add a bit of girlishness. Therefore, the popularity of small white shoes is not only due to the versatile effect, but also due to age reduction.

However, small white shoes need a lot of time to take care of, otherwise they will easily turn yellow and dirty, so the cleanliness of small white shoes actually reflects whether a person is exquisite. Girls who don't have enough time or are relatively lazy can choose small white leather shoes. Compared with canvas shoes, although they have a little more intellectual temperament, they are more practical. Wipe wipes are as bright as new.


Is the high waist line necessarily high?

The high waist line can indeed have the effect of showing the height, but the high waist line can really show the height. It is feasible to show high waistline, but it is not absolute. The effect of the high waistline design is not only reflected in the appearance of height, but also in appearance. And some items do not have a high waistline or even fashion elements, but they can be worn to show the effect of being tall and thin, with personality and fashion.

Therefore, you don’t need to rely on the high waistline to look thin and tall. Sometimes you can try a new style.


Therefore, the transition between summer and autumn is not as troublesome as imagined, and it is very easy to master, so beauties who love beauty should act quickly!