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finally decrypted! good figure is all because of it, this is too beautiful

Today’s protagonist is Dong Xuan. The 40-year-old Dong Xuan is low-key and introverted. Since Gao Yunxiang’s accident, she has almost faded out of people’s vision, and now she has returned again, with surprises. Recently, Dong Xuan posted a group of photos of herself practicing Pilates on social platforms. I was really shocked. This difficult action 20-year-old girl is struggling to do it. In order to maintain a good figure, she is also careful enough. .


Before looking at her fitness photos, let’s take a look at the face of 40-year-old Dong Xuan. It’s really not stage fright to take a super close face shot. The skin is still fair and smooth, the facial features are still three-dimensional, and the face is still small and exquisite. The shoulder-length short hair is tied back in the middle part, and one ear is lifted to reveal a feminine ear. Except that the hairline is a bit high, she doesn't see any age problems at all.


The reason why her face is so young is believed to have a lot to do with her regular exercise. In this age when young people are soaking goji berries in a thermos, older sisters will not let up. If it hadn’t been for Dong Xuan’s personal essay that it’s not for posing, it’s for real practice, I can’t believe this is a photo of 40-year-old Dong Xuan doing serious exercise. Wearing sports underwear, holding the horizontal bar with both hands, his legs show a straight line. The movement of the girl with poor flexibility will feel the ligament pain.


The air horse exercises the leg lines, especially for eliminating the fat on the thighs. Since it is Pilates, of course you have to relax your whole body. This time she used the horizontal bar to exercise her neck to shoulder ratio and arm strength. Put your legs in the air on the horizontal bar, and use only your hands to fix your body to ensure that you don’t fall down. Try your best to lean the inverted neck back. Not only can you get a right-angled shoulder, but it can also change your chest and hunchback. No wonder Dong Xuan sees Looks so temperamental.


This time she made full use of the equipment, and her movements became more and more difficult. She stood on the semicircular equipment, supported the ground with both hands, fixed one leg on the wooden frame with toes, and stood upright with one leg in the air. 90°, really too hard. This action can not only help people correct the spine but also promote gastrointestinal absorption and blood circulation, so as to achieve rapid metabolism, which can not only lose weight but also whiten.


Dong Xuan really dared to try every action, 40-year-old and 20-year-old figure, still did not give up body management after giving birth. Arms, head, back and legs are in a straight line. One can imagine how tough she is. The legs under the black fitness pants are really thin and straight, and the flat lower abdomen has no trace of fat even when it is falling. The lean body state makes people jealous.


The skin condition of Dong Xuan in the pure plain state is also really good. It is indeed easy to expel toxins from the body when sweating wildly, which is beneficial to maintain the skin condition of Q bomb breakable. Seeing her overall state, I suddenly felt that the drumsticks in her hand suddenly didn't smell good. I really responded to the sentence "There are no ugly women in the world, there are only lazy women." Girls, wake up, it's not the time to raise autumn fat. .


The results of Dong Xuan's exercises soon appeared in front of everyone. Seeing her skinny and fleshy body condition in dressing, she felt that all the sweat she shed was worthwhile. Wearing a white deep V dress and walking on the red carpet, she is simply the "goddess". The Chinese style embroidery is matched with Western design schemes, and the personality is foreign. The design of shoulder pads and five-point sleeve hollows unconditionally shows off her figure. The P picture is exquisite enough.