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Emma Roberts with a height of 157, looks tall and fashionable in autumn, you can do it too

Van Emma Roberts is really a model for small girls. Although she is only 157cm tall, the combination of her height and aura makes people completely ignore her height problem. My favorite is Emma Roberts's street look, which is grounded in daily life and can be used as a reference for us.

Today I will share Emma Roberts's autumn daily outfits, which are obviously very common items. Each outfit can bring us different surprises and highlights. For a little girl who wants to be tall and stylish, follow her to learn to match, and you can do it too.


Emma Roberts also has the title of walking jeans grass planter. She can always wear jeans to make people feel unattainable. It's really super powerful.

If you want to wear jeans with a high-profile look, you must choose products and collocations. Emma Roberts chose a pair of ripped jeans this time. The straight-shaped modified leg shape is straight and long, making it easy to wear a personalized and tall look. And when matched, the red and blue cp color has a stylish atmosphere. Of course, V-neck sweater + jeans, the upper body is simple and elegant without losing the French style.


Emma Roberts still chose ripped jeans for this look. It's just that the location of the hole is too clever this time. One is in the middle of the thigh and the other is in the knee. It looks modern and handsome, and it can easily burst into the street.

The color matching is blue and white cp color that cools and relieves the heat, and the upper body is fresh and age-reducing. The dress corner of the jacket emphasizes the high waistline, and the whole shape is naturally tall. The least scheming is that the jeans choose a nine-minute length, with a pair of shallow mouth items to reveal her slender ankles, looking thin and feminine.


In Emma Roberts's street collocation, the appearance rate of jeans is very high. However, she can match her jeans every time, giving her a new look.

Emma Roberts chose the same knit sweater as the first look for her look, but it felt completely different. She paired a white T-shirt in the sweater this time, with only a button on it, showing the waistline without losing the casual style.


After taking off the sweater, Emma Roberts's outfit looks simple and stylish without losing a cool and summery feel. And when the jacket is taken off and worn, you can calmly deal with the weather in late summer and early autumn.

Emma Roberts is small, but she has perfect body proportions, so just the way she wears the jacket corners can help her wear the golden ratio and look up-tempered. What's more, this time she not only used flared trousers to stretch her legs, but also increased her height with the help of high heels, so she can easily wear out the European and American atmosphere.


Emma Roberts chose the way of showing her figure in this match. Slim top + jeans outline her charming curves. The upper body is not only tall and thin, but also has an elegant and light temperament charm.

Of course, when matching, Emma Roberts did not forget to choose a floral shirt with a strong sense of design to attract passers-by to the height of the shape, turning the looking down into a head-up, and increasing the vision by at least five centimeters.


For jeans to look tall, choosing the right shoes is the key. The key to Emma Roberts's high matching skills lies in the word "exposed". Cropped trousers + pumps are the most common way to wear ankle-length pants.

And this time, the nine-point pants + high-heeled short boots reveal the way the entire boots are worn, because the calf is exposed to the air if there is nowhere, and the legs are thin and long, and the tall figure is easy to get.


The early autumn season is very suitable to wear long skirts. Many people think that the skirt is too long to make you feel too long. In fact, as long as the golden ratio is created, it is easy to change the height of the goddess.

Emma Roberts is wearing a rainbow sweater dress with twist braids, showing a sense of youth and beauty. Of course, the slim design of the sweater skirt is lazy and feminine. The single-breasted contrast placket is not only very decorative, but also clarifies her body proportions. The upper body is tall and temperamental.


The white dress that Emma Roberts wore this time just reached the ankle. Although the foot boots were not exposed, they were tall and thin. Except because the skirt is short inside and long outside, the semi-perspective effect makes the legs look slender and beautiful. The self-cultivation and not tight-fitting design also outlines a good figure with bumps, which makes people completely ignore her height.


If you want to say that it is tall and fashionable to wear, how can it be without a pair of legs. Emma Roberts added a short knitted jacket to the classic summer collocation of T-shirt + denim shorts this time. Her beautiful legs are straight and slender, making her 170+ tall. Of course, this way of wearing is more suitable for girls with good-looking legs.