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neat and generous autumn and winter mix!

Australian fashion blogger Petra is a girl who has been particularly fond of beauty since she was a child. After she grew up, she engaged in her favorite profession, a fashion blogger.

Petra is stylish and neat, especially like the three-dimensional tailoring suit design, using the ultimate simple design, with high fashion. And this solution is very suitable for autumn and winter wear in my country, which can solve the problem of fashion in the next six months, and fashion matching can be done in one step.


Suit meets belt

Don't underestimate things like belts. Although they are rarely used at home, they can be a finishing touch in some key collocations. For example, if you look at a suit jacket that is loose and has no version, you can use the function of the belt to outline a slender waistline, so that the suit jacket is neat and generous and more individual. With a pair of jeans casually, it is outstanding temperament.


Wide shoulder design

Suits and other items have a relatively three-dimensional version, especially the shoulder lines are straight and tall. This figure is actually very suitable for girls with fat upper body. The design of wide shoulders brings out the slender waist, thus shaping the perfect Body proportions.


metal chain

Do you still think that cool designs such as chains are only suitable for special occasions, but they are not. In some more formal matching styles, you can also add a chain design. For example, suit suits are like this. The addition of metal chains adds a domineering and cool aura and thus changes the fashion trend of the entire collocation, from being serious and low-key to being individual and eye-catching.


In the same color

Some girls can't learn how to match autumn and winter. In fact, there is a super easy way, which is to choose the black interior. The inner wear of the same color, whether it is skirts, pants, or sweaters, is completely fine. There is more room to play outside, choose various colors and various elements, and very thin, this kind of routine can deal with various fashion items.


Looking through the magazine shooting of the last ten years, we can see that the same color system is always the most mainstream and least obsolete, so this routine can continue for a long time. If you learn how to wear the same colors, the matching problem in autumn and winter can be half solved.


The echo of metal materials

Most of the items in the autumn and winter seasons are generous and neatly tailored. Suits and coats are all like this, so there is a more formal feeling in the matching. If you want to wear a casual personality, you need to be careful. The echoing effect of metal materials is a good choice, such as the logo on the messenger bag, and the necklace, bracelet, and ring can be the finishing touch.


"Hyun belly" fashion

It is now in the season of late summer and early autumn, so the fashion of "showing abdomen" can get, using the waistline to outline a moving figure, making the autumn coat also sexy and charming, so it is the choice of fashion personality.


"Hyun belly" looks sexy and has no sense of high class, but it can surprise four people, but it can wear temperament and personality. This is especially true when paired with handsome and cool items, which can highlight personal charm and let small girls have slender legs.


High-end color fashion

Advanced color matching is actually the neutral color we often use in our daily life, or it can be said to be achromatic. They are a very versatile and practical color matching, active in every age. And now it has become the advanced color matching of the 21st century, especially the gray color matching is even more advanced fashion, making the matching look more expensive.


Pointed shoes are fashionable

Although pointed shoes are uncomfortable to wear, if you want to quickly reach the height and thinness, then you can't go wrong in choosing pointed shoes. Compared with the round-toed square-toed design, the structural lines of the pointed-toed shoes can make the whole person look slimmer and taller, so the use effect is powerful, and it becomes fashionable in minutes.


In fact, compared to summer wear, autumn and winter collocation is more suitable to modify the figure, and it is very friendly to girls with poor figures. Especially fat girls can cover the meat in minutes, so as to achieve the effect of being tall and thin.