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Liu Wen was born in Hunan in 1988. He was an excellent Chinese model, and was the first Asian model to appear on Victoria's Secret in 2009. In 2013, Liu Wen ranked third on the list announced by MDC. In 2014, Liu Wen was selected into the MDC "New Supers" list, becoming the first Asian model to enter the "New Supers" list.

In the 2014 total income rankings, Liu Wen can already be tied for third place with Miranda Kerr and Kate Moss.


In fact, Liu Wen entered the modeling industry as an exception. That year was 2005. Liu Wen, who was born in 1988, was only 17 years old. The New Silk Road Model Contest has sub-divisions in Yongzhou, Hunan Division, and there is a computer to win the district championship. And the 17-year-old Liu Wen stepped into the road of modeling for the prize, and she stumbled at first. Although she signed a contract with the New Silk Road Model Agency, it is really a kind of courage for the 17-year-old Liu Wen to come to Beijing alone. She has already started her professional modelling career when everyone else is in school.


As a model, you not only need to be tall, step, figure, and still photos are all indispensable. Liu Wen is a professional model. Of course, she does not need to say more about her professionalism. She has excellent performance in every aspect.

In fact, Liu Wen in daily life is not as cold and serious as you see in magazines. In fact, she is a very cute little girl in her heart. The personality is very good, although the dressing and matching are casual, but there is a sense of luxury. Take a casual shot, you can be fashionable.


Twenty or thirty years ago, it was difficult to see Asians in European and American fashion shows, let alone Chinese. It can be said that Liu Wen's group of models started, which really made Asian models active in the fashion field.


"Natural, clean, and clear like a stream of spring water, I don't like to talk, I can communicate with my eyes, and my eyes are full of content." (Comment by Wang Hongmin)

Indeed, Liu Wen's photos can really give people this feeling. Many hard photos have sharp and domineering eyes, but they are mixed with a baby-like brightness, clear and pure.


In fact, excellent models like Liu Wen have a unique temperament in themselves, standing far away, and letting passers-by take a photo can be beautiful.

It is said that dressing and matching can change the temperament of a person, and the figure can change the difficulty of fashion. For a good figure, how to match it is fashionable and good-looking, that is, the legendary looks good in sacks.


Plain makeup, basic models, random collocation, and messy environment, but Liu Wen is easy to come by, and I like the effect of the film.

Nowadays, Liu Wen looks at the endorsement of catwalk magazines relatively indifferently, and she is really a very Buddha girl in her heart.


To be honest, seeing Liu Wen's outfit, I want to quickly change to a fashionable look. Because Liu Wen's private clothes are indeed not like a style that a model would wear. It is a very simple and simple style. Many girls who love beauty may not try the basic match, but Liu Wen has no model baggage.


Therefore, it can be seen that Liu Wen is such a girl who does not fight or grab, not arrogant or impetuous, even in dressing and matching.

She is glamorous at work, but in private she is the ordinary girl, no different from ordinary people.


But as long as she dressed up a little, Liu Wen's temperament immediately improved. In fact, although the model and the star's appearance are not in the same position, their temperament and figure are absolutely unique. When you are on the same stage, you can see the different beauty.

They are two different professions, and they have different career directions. So many marketing accounts compare models with celebrities, but this is actually not a proper thing. You let the lion compete with the tits to hunt, or let the cat compete with the dog to catch fish, so it can be seen that the marketing accounts are really idle.


In fact, Liu Wen's personal clothes matching and photographing techniques are worthy of our reference. The styles are all that we can see in our daily lives, and the environment for taking pictures is also everywhere.


It is also a good choice to learn Liu Wen's dressing and taking pictures when going out shopping with a friend or two.