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dating can also "win with one stroke"! I'm never disappointed when I wear full marks, and I can definitely be outstanding

Immediately in autumn, autumn items are also successively on the major lists, the variety and the huge quantity make people stunned. But if you want to be fashionable and beautiful, you need to plan ahead and quickly master the autumn fashion items. This is especially true for early autumn collocations, so a "one move wins" dressing plan is essential.

So today we will take a look at how to dress in early autumn to be fashionable.


Dress meets choker

Although skirts are only a general term, the styles are very complicated, especially after an extended summer, there will be many skirts in the wardrobe.

Therefore, in early autumn, we can use dress items to match choker necklaces to form a retro and fashionable charm. Let the simple and monotonous become unique, so although it is an early autumn match, it has a summer fashion and easily stands out.


Long sleeve skirt and Mary Jane shoes

There must be nothing better than dresses when going out on a date. It not only solves matching fashion, but also solves matching problems. Because the dress already includes the top and bottom collocation, it is more worry-free when wearing the upper body, and the autumn dress is even more so.

Adding retro elements can be elegant, and the length of the mid-skirt cut is just suitable for autumn wear, warm and can be thin and cover the flesh.


Personalized tailoring hides fashion carefully

The clothing items we usually see are mostly conventional tailoring with some popular elements, but there are also designers who are very powerful. Based on the original tailoring, they have already made changes, so even simple color matching is fine. Wearing fashion, this is the careful machine hidden in the personalized tailoring.

Therefore, whether it is worn in early autumn or during any period, it can give people a bright effect.


The gentleness and elegance of popular purple

People's impression of purple is still in the dark purple of the 70s and 80s. In fact, the light purple is more suitable and has successfully become the popular color this year.

With a bit of macaron, it is sweet and very beautiful. Everyday wear is cute and cute. With Mary Jane shoes, you can have a girlish temperament. Even the faint light purple also has an elegant temperament, so it is more in line with the retro caution, and it can surprise the four if you are not careful.


Be careful when wearing suspender skirts

Summer items can also be worn in autumn and can be more fashionable. Because the suspender skirt can be effective when worn alone in summer and has a cooling effect.

But the early autumn season does not need to cool off the heat, so we can try to use the way of layering to make the sling skirt layered and make the simple style unique. This is one of the reasons why the sling skirt is so popular.


Although there is some coolness in the early autumn, the weather is still relatively warm, so there is no need to wrap the whole body tightly.

Choose the elegant tailoring of the mid-length dress, and the design with long sleeves is gentle and fashionable. It can also protect the parts that are easy to catch cold to deal with the temperature difference between morning and evening.


Pure color or printing

In fact, solid colors and printed items have their own advantages and disadvantages. It cannot be said that which item is fashionable or which item is definitely not fashionable. In fact, both items have very good designs and some bad designs. The main reason is Personal choice and collocation.

But the most important thing is the degree of adaptation to yourself, so if you want to get a more suitable single product, then the best way is to look at the effect on your upper body.


Where the printed design appears

The print can appear on any part, but for girls who are not so good in figure, you need to pay attention to whether the appearance of the print will affect the issue of thinness.

For example, girls with thick arms are definitely not suitable for the first match, but the second match can cover the flesh on the arms and use the print on the skirt to attract attention, thus making the whole match The shape is more elegant and charming, and also looks taller and thinner.


The hazy and faint mesh design is very popular in summer, in fact, it can also be worn in early autumn. Using the hazy texture, you can get full of sexy and fashion in the little tail of summer.