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Why does the Biber's wife like to wear high heels? I understand when I saw her go-out collection, it looks really good

Today’s protagonist is Hailey. I believe many people know this name because of her husband Justin Bieber. Naturally, her excellent husband will also bring her a certain degree of attention. Since 14 years of formal activities as a model, she is naturally worthy of the current popularity. Looking at her dressing and dressing, she can accurately find the popular styles of the current season. As a fashion top, she has her own unique dressing skills, such as High heels, high heels are the standard for her to go out on the street.


The reason why Hailie wears fashionable and western style is to a large extent that high heels are exerting strength. For the choice of high heels, Hailie has always had its own standards, and you can see her figure in any season. In order to fit the light green casual suit this time, Hailey chose a grass-green patent leather high-heeled high-heeled boots. The casual and loose exterior was matched with high-profile and crisp patent leather boots. The high-profile echoes and the overall effect is very good. Even if you don't choose Hailey's cutout outfit, even if you don't choose ultra-short jeans, just the color of your jacket and the aura of high heels can make you a bright spot in the crowd.


Although Hai Li likes high-heeled shoes, she will not mess around, but will consider the overall situation. The integrity is always the first place, so her high-heeled shoes are basically uniform in color and single product color. Beige knitted slender windbreaker with floor texture, a large area of ​​pure tones gives a feeling of light luxury and minimalism, high quality and purity. In order to avoid large areas of exposure, choose a pair of brown over-the-knee boots, which is full of femininity.


There are many styles of high-heeled shoes, but Hailey can always find a design that best matches her. She wears a white dress that is clean and refreshing. She chose a slim-strap high-heeled slippers for her shoes, which will not give people a dull feeling at all. It will not look monotonous because the tone is too uniform. Switching to a green windbreaker, she cleverly changed to military green strappy sandals. In order to match the tight black trousers, she chose a style with straps wrapped around the ankle for countless times, tightly wrapping the black trousers and trousers.


If you want to improve the overall brightness and overall sense of hierarchy, if it is black, Hailey will not choose to match dull black high heels. For example, this leather jacket, although the style is novel, the airtightness of the fabric is easy to breathe, so the shoes must choose a bright fluorescent color. And if you match it with a black dress with super-saving fabric, you need to match a design that looks light and high-end high heels.


Hailey is also a big fan of jeans, and she is ingenious with her jeans and high heels. Dark blue one-piece skinny jeans she will choose to match a high-heeled shoes of the same color. The tight leggings and the upper of the shoe have a smooth effect and strong integrity. If it is simple straight jeans, the style of high heels must be simple and atmospheric, preferably high-heeled slippers, so that the space and distance will be used to make the whole more beautiful and three-dimensional.


If the jeans are cropped trousers, it will be much easier. The distance between the trouser legs and the ankle allows you to choose high heels of any style and height like Hailey. The bean paste green sleeveless vest is matched with high-waisted ripped jeans. At this time, you can choose a coffee color for your high-heeled shoes. Bandages or high-tops are harmless. If it is nine-point Harlan jeans, it is recommended to choose a pointed mouth high heels, so that the length of the shoes can be used to weaken the expansion of the jeans, which is conducive to weight loss.


Fashion is a circle. High heels and silk stockings used to be particularly popular, but it was outdated after 2011, and it is the kind that is rejected by who wears it. With the popularity of retro style, Hai Li has regained this kind of wear, black shoes with black stockings, flesh-colored high heels with flesh-colored stockings, and if you don't look carefully, you think that wearing high-tube Martin boots is particularly unique.