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Unstoppable beauty, long legs are even more eye-catching

Tang Yan was born in the beautiful Huangpu District of Shanghai, with superior family conditions and good enough herself, so the road to acting is very smooth.

In 2001, he participated in the beauty contest and won the championship. In 2004, Zhang Yimou was selected as one of the "Olympic Babies". He graduated from the Acting Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2006, and gained attention in 2009 with the ancient costume fairy tale "Legend of Sword and Fairy III" and became popular. Just look at how good Tang Yan is.


Recently, Tang Yan's studio released a set of photos of Tang Yan participating in a jewelry event. I saw Tang Yan wearing a crown on her head, a dress with a beaded flower design, and a miniskirt designed with a waist to show her perfect figure. The protein on his face can't be seen in her thirties, she is still so young.


Tang Yan's dress comes from Richard Quinn's 2020 spring and summer series. Tang Yan is not inferior to the model when worn.

Tang Yan, who is 172cm tall, is really not afraid to compare with the model. With her superior height and the blessing of her temperament and appearance, she will not be inferior to the model. Even live pictures are particularly good at playing. The two straight long legs are almost like chopsticks, slim and straight.


Tang Yan, born on December 6, 1983, is already 37 years old, and she and Luo Jin have bred the crystallization of happiness. But looking at her current state, she really can't tell her age at all. It's really not an exaggeration to say that she is in her twenties, and the no-student picture makes her skin breakable, without any flaws.


In fact, as long as you want to have slender legs, you can work hard to lose weight, but straight legs are natural.

In fact, tall girls are more likely to expose leg defects, and slender and straight legs like Tang Yan are really rare. With Tang Yan's appearance and beauty, she must look good in everything she wears, and it is impossible to be an ordinary person anywhere, because they are good enough. With a pair of high heels, you can have a sense of sight of 1.8 meters.


It is really reasonable to say that it is really reasonable to be popular, especially looking for younger and more vague stars. Once they become popular, there will be more excellent professionals planning for them, and they will become more self-confident. The outside exudes light, it seems more charming and temperament.

And because of the work of the star, the external image requirements are also stricter, so even if it is pregnant and giving birth, it will not relax, even more stringent, so after giving birth, it is still fashionable and even more beautiful.


In fact, sometimes just looking at the personal photos of the celebrities will only feel very good-looking, and the figure is also very good, but I don't know what is good. However, not only will the pictures not be edited, but they will also be accompanied by the staff, so there is also a comparison.


After comparison, you will find that the body and appearance are really not good, and it is no wonder that the baby who sees a real person can't bear it. Especially the tall female celebrities like Tang Yan, who walked in the bodyguards and security guards who were not inferior in body height, also formed a sharp contrast with the staff next to them. Is this leg real?


Tang Yan didn't seem to have gained weight since she debuted. She must be the kind of girl who can't eat fat. She is too envious. I don't have a deep understanding of Tang Yan, not a fan, but a girl like this is really rare in the world, and it's no wonder that the road to acting is particularly smooth.

Now that Tang Yan has given birth to a baby, she has been promoted from princess to queen, and she has a taste of a mature woman. She also hopes that the next script will be changed, and she hopes to give us more surprises.


Tang Yan's facial features are very delicate when taken apart, and they are completely flawless. Especially the face is really petite, the so-called slap face must be said.

The tall, tall head and face are still so petite, so I think Tang Yan may not only have nine heads, but may be even more stunning, so there is a clear gap between many stars in the show business standing next to Tang Yan.


Want to see how good a star is? I know the reactions of the raw pictures or the real passers-by. No one around me who has seen real people is boasting, and I will understand if I have seen them.