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Why does the Biber's wife like to wear high heels? I understand when I saw her go-out collection, it looks really good

Today’s protagonist is Hailey. I believe many people know this name because of her husband Justin Bieber. Naturally, her excellent husband will also bring her a certain degree of attention. Since 14 years of formal activities as a model, she is naturally worthy of the current popularity. Looking at her dressing and dressing, she can accurately find the popular styles of the current season. As a fashion top, she has her own unique dressing skills, such as High heels, high heels are the standard for her to go out on the street.


The reason why Hailie wears fashionable and western style is to a large extent that high heels are exerting strength. For the choice of high heels, Hailie has always had its own standards, and you can see her figure in any season. In order to fit the light green casual suit this time, Hailey chose a grass-green patent leather high-heeled high-heeled boots. The casual and loose exterior was matched with high-profile and crisp patent leather boots. The high-profile echoes and the overall effect is very good. Even if you don't choose Hailey's cutout outfit, even if you don't choose ultra-short jeans, just the color of your jacket and the aura of high heels can make you a bright spot in the crowd.


Although Hai Li likes high-heeled shoes, she will not mess around, but will consider the overall situation. The integrity is always the first place, so her high-heeled shoes are basically uniform in color and single product color. Beige knitted slender windbreaker with floor texture, a large area of ​​pure tones gives a feeling of light luxury and minimalism, high quality and purity. In order to avoid large areas of exposure, choose a pair of brown over-the-knee boots, which is full of femininity.


There are many styles of high-heeled shoes, but Hailey can always find a design that best matches her. She wears a white dress that is clean and refreshing. She chose a slim-strap high-heeled slippers for her shoes, which will not give people a dull feeling at all. It will not look monotonous because the tone is too uniform. Switching to a green windbreaker, she cleverly changed to military green strappy sandals. In order to match the tight black trousers, she chose a style with straps wrapped around the ankle for countless times, tightly wrapping the black trousers and trousers.


If you want to improve the overall brightness and overall sense of hierarchy, if it is black, Hailey will not choose to match dull black high heels. For example, this leather jacket, although the style is novel, the airtightness of the fabric is easy to breathe, so the shoes must choose a bright fluorescent color. And if you match it with a black dress with super-saving fabric, you need to match a design that looks light and high-end high heels.


Hailey is also a big fan of jeans, and she is ingenious with her jeans and high heels. Dark blue one-piece skinny jeans she will choose to match a high-heeled shoes of the same color. The tight leggings and the upper of the shoe have a smooth effect and strong integrity. If it is simple straight jeans, the style of high heels must be simple and atmospheric, preferably high-heeled slippers, so that the space and distance will be used to make the whole more beautiful and three-dimensional.


If the jeans are cropped trousers, it will be much easier. The distance between the trouser legs and the ankle allows you to choose high heels of any style and height like Hailey. The bean paste green sleeveless vest is matched with high-waisted ripped jeans. At this time, you can choose a coffee color for your high-heeled shoes. Bandages or high-tops are harmless. If it is nine-point Harlan jeans, it is recommended to choose a pointed mouth high heels, so that the length of the shoes can be used to weaken the expansion of the jeans, which is conducive to weight loss.


Fashion is a circle. High heels and silk stockings used to be particularly popular, but it was outdated after 2011, and it is the kind that is rejected by who wears it. With the popularity of retro style, Hai Li has regained this kind of wear, black shoes with black stockings, flesh-colored high heels with flesh-colored stockings, and if you don't look carefully, you think that wearing high-tube Martin boots is particularly unique.

finally decrypted! good figure is all because of it, this is too beautiful

Today’s protagonist is Dong Xuan. The 40-year-old Dong Xuan is low-key and introverted. Since Gao Yunxiang’s accident, she has almost faded out of people’s vision, and now she has returned again, with surprises. Recently, Dong Xuan posted a group of photos of herself practicing Pilates on social platforms. I was really shocked. This difficult action 20-year-old girl is struggling to do it. In order to maintain a good figure, she is also careful enough. .


Before looking at her fitness photos, let’s take a look at the face of 40-year-old Dong Xuan. It’s really not stage fright to take a super close face shot. The skin is still fair and smooth, the facial features are still three-dimensional, and the face is still small and exquisite. The shoulder-length short hair is tied back in the middle part, and one ear is lifted to reveal a feminine ear. Except that the hairline is a bit high, she doesn't see any age problems at all.


The reason why her face is so young is believed to have a lot to do with her regular exercise. In this age when young people are soaking goji berries in a thermos, older sisters will not let up. If it hadn’t been for Dong Xuan’s personal essay that it’s not for posing, it’s for real practice, I can’t believe this is a photo of 40-year-old Dong Xuan doing serious exercise. Wearing sports underwear, holding the horizontal bar with both hands, his legs show a straight line. The movement of the girl with poor flexibility will feel the ligament pain.


The air horse exercises the leg lines, especially for eliminating the fat on the thighs. Since it is Pilates, of course you have to relax your whole body. This time she used the horizontal bar to exercise her neck to shoulder ratio and arm strength. Put your legs in the air on the horizontal bar, and use only your hands to fix your body to ensure that you don’t fall down. Try your best to lean the inverted neck back. Not only can you get a right-angled shoulder, but it can also change your chest and hunchback. No wonder Dong Xuan sees Looks so temperamental.


This time she made full use of the equipment, and her movements became more and more difficult. She stood on the semicircular equipment, supported the ground with both hands, fixed one leg on the wooden frame with toes, and stood upright with one leg in the air. 90°, really too hard. This action can not only help people correct the spine but also promote gastrointestinal absorption and blood circulation, so as to achieve rapid metabolism, which can not only lose weight but also whiten.


Dong Xuan really dared to try every action, 40-year-old and 20-year-old figure, still did not give up body management after giving birth. Arms, head, back and legs are in a straight line. One can imagine how tough she is. The legs under the black fitness pants are really thin and straight, and the flat lower abdomen has no trace of fat even when it is falling. The lean body state makes people jealous.


The skin condition of Dong Xuan in the pure plain state is also really good. It is indeed easy to expel toxins from the body when sweating wildly, which is beneficial to maintain the skin condition of Q bomb breakable. Seeing her overall state, I suddenly felt that the drumsticks in her hand suddenly didn't smell good. I really responded to the sentence "There are no ugly women in the world, there are only lazy women." Girls, wake up, it's not the time to raise autumn fat. .


The results of Dong Xuan's exercises soon appeared in front of everyone. Seeing her skinny and fleshy body condition in dressing, she felt that all the sweat she shed was worthwhile. Wearing a white deep V dress and walking on the red carpet, she is simply the "goddess". The Chinese style embroidery is matched with Western design schemes, and the personality is foreign. The design of shoulder pads and five-point sleeve hollows unconditionally shows off her figure. The P picture is exquisite enough.

good fashion taste! Tanabata peach blossom makeup powder noodles contain spring, which is almost invisible

Li Qin is a female celebrity that everyone is very familiar with. She has just made her debut for many years. Although she has good looks and acting skills, she has also participated in many film and television works, but she is always very popular.

However, after years of accumulation of popularity, although Li Qin has not become a top traffic, he is also a leader in the entertainment industry. In addition to acting, the stars in the entertainment circle are the easiest to become fans of their fashion expressiveness, and Li Qin has hardly lost in this regard.


Li Qin, who has been learning Kunqu opera for a long time, has a unique classical charm and is very good for wearing. Moreover, she herself has a fresh and refined appearance and a figure comparable to a model, even ordinary clothes can be worn with high quality. It's just her own advantage, in terms of fashion, it is simply an open existence.

What's more, Li Qin's own fashion taste is very good, and he has his own unique insights on dressing, so many people like her collocation.


Recently, Li Qin's studio released her latest photo, which was once again beautiful by her. Li Qin's makeup this time is really dazzling. The love moles on the corners of her eyes echo with her red lips. It looks gentle and lovely without exaggeration.

And Li Qin's smile is even more sultry. The sugar content of this smile is beyond the standard, and it is directly sweet to our hearts. Let me ask which boy can stand it. On Chinese Valentine's Day, girls who want to impress their boyfriends, Li Qin's "Peach Blossom Makeup" definitely needs to get it.


Li Qin's look not only performed the necessary makeup for Valentine's Day dating, but also the outfit matching was in line with the theme of Valentine's Day.

The white shirt with embroidered lantern sleeves is paired with the simplest pair of jeans, but it looks exquisite and romantic. And because of Li Qin's half-prone motion on the lawn, she accidentally exposed her waist that was not full, and she looked like a "Peach Blossom Fairy".


The sweet looks do not limit Li Qin's style of dressing. This time, the autumn blockbuster filmed by a certain brand returns to the classic dress and unexpectedly interprets the image of an elegant and confident urban woman.

This time, Li Qin wore a classic windbreaker jacket, camel-colored windbreaker matched with a lady-style shirt, wearing a strong British style, looks stylish and atmospheric. Of course, Li Qin's smile is really too sweet, coupled with the gentle tones, it feels elegant and gentle.


Li Qin's fashion expressiveness is really amazing, but because of her expressionless face in the same outfit, she looks cold and aura.

Of course, Li Qin's careful dressing greatly enhances the style of the style, but the way she wears the windbreaker with the collar upright, unexpectedly seems to be her heroic and brave. Unexpectedly, Li Qin, who has always been gentle, would have an elegant and high-level sense of controlling this aggressive look.


Li Qin's match this time is a simple retro style. The color matching of the whole shape is natural and layered, which looks comfortable and seductive.

Contrasting color knitted cardigan, because of the retro tones and thick fabric, looks gentle and ageless without losing texture. Contrasting color shirt + leather skirt inside, simple yet feminine. The most important thing is because the caramel color contained in the three items has the overall sense of suit style, and also has traces of careful matching, which can demonstrate her excellent dressing taste.


Li Qin's collocation, hooded sweater + black skirt collocation, shows the youth fashion style, very suitable for the student party to learn from.

Of course, the classic autumn match, because of the unique design of the single product, the whole look looks very innovative. Li Qin chose a sweater with a landscape print design this time, creating an atmosphere of autumn wear. The small black dress with irregular skirt breaks the conventional design, not only adds agility to the shape, but also shows the long legs and proper upper body.


Li Qin really knows how to wear it. The simple items can easily enhance the feminine style of the shape by showing the figure, and look elegant and fashionable.

As for the jeans shape this time, Li Qin chose a nine-point straight-leg trousers that can modify her leg shape. In the contrast, a pair of mule shoes protrudes the slender and skinny beauty of her ankle, making her look elegant and beautiful. beautiful.


Li Qin chose a slim, not tight-fitting sweater for her upper body, which easily outlined her attractive figure. Of course, this knit sweater, simple retro coffee color + white stripe elements, fresh and high-quality temperament. Because she unbuttoned one of the buttons, the swan neck became more and more slender, making her look up.

It can be fashionable if you want to shoot at will, with a slender waist and long legs.

Liu Wen was born in Hunan in 1988. He was an excellent Chinese model, and was the first Asian model to appear on Victoria's Secret in 2009. In 2013, Liu Wen ranked third on the list announced by MDC. In 2014, Liu Wen was selected into the MDC "New Supers" list, becoming the first Asian model to enter the "New Supers" list.

In the 2014 total income rankings, Liu Wen can already be tied for third place with Miranda Kerr and Kate Moss.


In fact, Liu Wen entered the modeling industry as an exception. That year was 2005. Liu Wen, who was born in 1988, was only 17 years old. The New Silk Road Model Contest has sub-divisions in Yongzhou, Hunan Division, and there is a computer to win the district championship. And the 17-year-old Liu Wen stepped into the road of modeling for the prize, and she stumbled at first. Although she signed a contract with the New Silk Road Model Agency, it is really a kind of courage for the 17-year-old Liu Wen to come to Beijing alone. She has already started her professional modelling career when everyone else is in school.


As a model, you not only need to be tall, step, figure, and still photos are all indispensable. Liu Wen is a professional model. Of course, she does not need to say more about her professionalism. She has excellent performance in every aspect.

In fact, Liu Wen in daily life is not as cold and serious as you see in magazines. In fact, she is a very cute little girl in her heart. The personality is very good, although the dressing and matching are casual, but there is a sense of luxury. Take a casual shot, you can be fashionable.


Twenty or thirty years ago, it was difficult to see Asians in European and American fashion shows, let alone Chinese. It can be said that Liu Wen's group of models started, which really made Asian models active in the fashion field.


"Natural, clean, and clear like a stream of spring water, I don't like to talk, I can communicate with my eyes, and my eyes are full of content." (Comment by Wang Hongmin)

Indeed, Liu Wen's photos can really give people this feeling. Many hard photos have sharp and domineering eyes, but they are mixed with a baby-like brightness, clear and pure.


In fact, excellent models like Liu Wen have a unique temperament in themselves, standing far away, and letting passers-by take a photo can be beautiful.

It is said that dressing and matching can change the temperament of a person, and the figure can change the difficulty of fashion. For a good figure, how to match it is fashionable and good-looking, that is, the legendary looks good in sacks.


Plain makeup, basic models, random collocation, and messy environment, but Liu Wen is easy to come by, and I like the effect of the film.

Nowadays, Liu Wen looks at the endorsement of catwalk magazines relatively indifferently, and she is really a very Buddha girl in her heart.


To be honest, seeing Liu Wen's outfit, I want to quickly change to a fashionable look. Because Liu Wen's private clothes are indeed not like a style that a model would wear. It is a very simple and simple style. Many girls who love beauty may not try the basic match, but Liu Wen has no model baggage.


Therefore, it can be seen that Liu Wen is such a girl who does not fight or grab, not arrogant or impetuous, even in dressing and matching.

She is glamorous at work, but in private she is the ordinary girl, no different from ordinary people.


But as long as she dressed up a little, Liu Wen's temperament immediately improved. In fact, although the model and the star's appearance are not in the same position, their temperament and figure are absolutely unique. When you are on the same stage, you can see the different beauty.

They are two different professions, and they have different career directions. So many marketing accounts compare models with celebrities, but this is actually not a proper thing. You let the lion compete with the tits to hunt, or let the cat compete with the dog to catch fish, so it can be seen that the marketing accounts are really idle.


In fact, Liu Wen's personal clothes matching and photographing techniques are worthy of our reference. The styles are all that we can see in our daily lives, and the environment for taking pictures is also everywhere.


It is also a good choice to learn Liu Wen's dressing and taking pictures when going out shopping with a friend or two.

perfect model to wear! Casual and seductive, satisfying early autumn fashion

Although the weather this summer was very strange, it made people tremble when it should be hot, and the little tail suddenly became hot again in summer. But don’t worry that summer will be far away, and autumn will soon come to us.

Although the summer and autumn transitional weather is comfortable and suitable for traveling, it is very relaxing, but the matching of clothes is not to be underestimated. How to match is a very critical issue.


Super short sweater

The matching of spring and autumn seasons is very similar, among which the most eye-catching must be the knitwear, which is very practical. It is not only warm but also cool, so it is suitable for wearing during the transition period between summer and autumn, and it is perfect for the temperature difference between morning and evening.

The short cut knit sweater is one of the highlights. It complements the high-waisted trousers. It outlines the golden ratio of the figure, so it looks thin but also very tall.


The classic all-match of jeans

The most indispensable thing about spring and autumn collocation is jeans. Although not the most popular, they can stay with us for a long time. The denim fabric itself has a certain thickness, so it can protect the small belly during the transition of summer and autumn, so as not to catch cold, it can be said to serve multiple purposes. Jeans have a lot of colors, dark blue and light blue are different styles. In late summer and early autumn, light blue is more inclined to make the matching style more refreshing and age reduction.


Thin can't do without straight-leg pants

There are various popular styles in fashion collocations, which are always dizzying. But in fact, if you want to get the practical effect of slimming, then there is nothing more suitable than straight pants.

Especially the black straight-leg pants, the perfect combination of comfort and thinness index, so no matter what kind of jacket it is matched, it is of outstanding temperament, and it is practical to wear ten pounds in minutes.


The transitional season between summer and autumn is not as cold as late autumn, especially the southern region is still warmer. Therefore, it is not necessary to tightly wrap all the skin, but the flesh can be exposed properly.

Exposing the legs can make you look taller, while exposing the slender arms makes you look slimmer.


A gentle girl needs a lotus leaf

Simple and basic styles are versatile and practical, but the addition of exquisite elements can make the matching style personalized.

The design of the lotus leaf has the attribute of gentle wind, so it can be elegant when wearing the upper body. The light fabric is also suitable for combination with the lotus leaf, which makes the whole person more and more feminine.


Wear out the temperament in the same color system

Many people think that the same color system has no bright spots, but it is not. The inner wear of the same color system looks more slender, as shown in the above picture. The black pants and the halter are relatively monotonous, but the cardigan becomes different. It can be thin and have temperament. .


Little white shoes are versatile and age reduction

There is no doubt that small white shoes are a very versatile and practical item, but in fact, the effect of small white shoes is not only that, it is also very good for age reduction, even if it is a mature item of suit jacket, as long as it is compatible with With small white shoes, you can add a bit of girlishness. Therefore, the popularity of small white shoes is not only due to the versatile effect, but also due to age reduction.

However, small white shoes need a lot of time to take care of, otherwise they will easily turn yellow and dirty, so the cleanliness of small white shoes actually reflects whether a person is exquisite. Girls who don't have enough time or are relatively lazy can choose small white leather shoes. Compared with canvas shoes, although they have a little more intellectual temperament, they are more practical. Wipe wipes are as bright as new.


Is the high waist line necessarily high?

The high waist line can indeed have the effect of showing the height, but the high waist line can really show the height. It is feasible to show high waistline, but it is not absolute. The effect of the high waistline design is not only reflected in the appearance of height, but also in appearance. And some items do not have a high waistline or even fashion elements, but they can be worn to show the effect of being tall and thin, with personality and fashion.

Therefore, you don’t need to rely on the high waistline to look thin and tall. Sometimes you can try a new style.


Therefore, the transition between summer and autumn is not as troublesome as imagined, and it is very easy to master, so beauties who love beauty should act quickly!